When it comes to developing winning sales organizations, the traditional way of just throwing your people into a training room is clearly not achieving the desired results.

Never has it been as crucial as now to approach sales development in a holistic manner and especially with a digital perspective - that is why we are here for you.

Sales strategy and Leadership

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Sales management models

Sales modernization audit & profitability roadmap

Sales culture development

Turning sales managers to sales coaches

Compensation planning

Sales leadership training


Sales process

Building unique value propositions

Creating winning sales methodology

Customer profiles & customer journey mapping

Demand creation planning

Sales rep playbooks

Building your revenue engine - Marketing and sales alignment


Sales skills

Opportunity management

New customer acquisition

Digital sales mastery & social selling

Key account management & account planning


Sales technology

CRM adoption & implementation planning (click for more info)

CRM technology evaluation & training

Marketing technology evaluation

Talent Development platforms


How we work with you

Training is not always the right solution, although it is usually one part of sales development programs. Together we need to determine what the right approach is to reaching your goals. In general we will first look at your operating models and ways of working, after which organizational skills is analyzed and developed.


Training - Coaching - Consulting - Together we define what is needed

Training is used for creating and developing specific skills for your sales people

Coaching is especially used to develop the thinking of the program attendees

Consulting is used when we need to review your ways of working and build more efficient ways of working. Consulting projects will usually last 3-12 months. In these programs we staff you with a "Change Agent" responsible of helping you achieve the program goals. 


Examples of how we work with you

-Auditing current performance

-Training sessions for larger groups

-Sales transformation programs, which we have an active role in driving the necessary changes

-Sales Playbooks - documenting your winning sales process to guide sales reps

-Personal deal coaching to win deals (we actively participate to win live opportunities)

-Development roadmaps to reach strategic goals (leadership, organization, processes, skills and technology)