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Contact Jan Ropponen for more information: 

jan.ropponen(a) or 050 5169392


Open courses only in Finnish - Customized deliveries also available in English and Swedish

Course instructor: Jan Ropponen

Course instructor: Jan Ropponen

Fill the pipeline - Program

Creating new business - its the hardest part of selling. 

This is why we have packaged together 10 key elements of finding and building pipeline into one intensive course.

Key outcome: Attendees will accelerate their capability to book meetings and create new opportunities for themselves.  

Duration: 1 day

Upcoming courses

24.1.2018 & 18.4.2018

Course instructor: Jan Ropponen

Course instructor: Jan Ropponen

B2B Sales bootcamp

Who do we recommend this course for?

New business developers, new customer acquisition and account managers. 

A few key topics we cover:

  • Prospecting & contacting customers
  • Running successful meetings
  • Uncovering hidden customer needs
  • Creating demand when customers aren't asking for a solution
  • Building opportunities
  • Winning in a competitive situation

Duration: 2 days

Upcoming courses

Spring 2018 - Day 1 - 4.4.2018 & Day 2 - 25.4.2018


Modern sales metrics seminar

Who is this seminar for?

  • Overview of changes in sales management

  • Best practices of world-leading B2B organizations
    • How should marketing metrics be integrated with sales?
    • What are the key metrics in CRM?
  • Personal action plan for utilizing new sales metrics 

Upcoming seminars: 29.11.2017. 16.30-18.30 o'clock

Seminar fee: Free

Location: Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Seminar hosts: Antti Heikkilä & Jan Ropponen 


*Ascend Sales University is not a degree granting institution.